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Congratulations on bringing your new furry family member home! Because you have chosen a UBR breeder, you are now eligible to register your new puppy in our pedigree service. Upon joining, you will have access to an official UBR pedigree of your new baby.

If you own a Bernedoodle, it is because you love this breed! The benefit of registering your new puppy is to help protect the outcome of the breed. Bernedoodle breeders make the health and welfare of our breeding parents and their offspring a top priority. By registering you not only get exclusive access to information, events, and support for your new furry friend but you can also play a vital role in helping UBR ensure the quality and value this breed has to offer!

Here are a few additional benefits to registering your new baby with us:

  1. Registered puppies receive a lifetime membership;
  2. Grants you access to specials only UBR members have;
  3. Connects you with a network of other Bernedoodle parents that have the same standards for the breed as you;
  4. And a chance to win a spot in our annual calendar!

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Thank you for considering joining our UBR family!

UBR is a growing and developing Breed Club. Our members have the influence to create and guide the policies that affect our interests and the breed. If your passion is raising healthy Bernedoodles and protecting the outcome of the breed, please join us! We are always in search of new members who are willing to breed only health-tested dogs. You can really make a difference in what you bring to the organization to help further and protect the Bernedoodle breed!

UBR stays up to date on new research and studies that affect the Bernedoodles so we can bring that education to our members. As a breeder member, you will have the opportunity to develop relationships with other breeders via our Facebook page and organized events. We are committed to the Bernedoodle breed and will always continue to improve and protect it.

UBR breeder members will have the opportunity to be one of our weekly featured breeders. This allows potential families to see you first and gives you a chance to show off your beautiful puppies all week!

New members will also have access to mentor services from members of the UBR Board as needed. This is very beneficial if you are a new breeder of Bernedoodles or are just looking to improve your existing breeding program.

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